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         School is a public place, because of the large flow of people, high density, fast flow, for many harmful organisms to sit and multiply to provide convenient conditions。根据武汉Pest control companyIn terms of years of experience, Hanling pest control should follow the principle of control from the source, more need to take preventive measures from daily work, try to use less or no chemical agents, while doing a good job of internal and external garbage cleaning, reduce the rapid spread of pests。

Hazards of insect infestation in schools: 

1. The dead bodies or excrement of insects and rats can cause the contamination of food in the canteen, which brings great threats to the health of teachers and students;

2. Direct loss of equipment caused by rats biting wires, and the risk that some courses could not be carried out normally due to power failure;

3, cockroaches are also known as computer pests, can bite the line inside the computer to cause computer failure, the consequences are unimaginable;

4. Pests and mice in the surrounding environment of the school are easy to carry pathogenic microorganisms, which can spread plague, dysentery, dengue fever and other diseases。

First, school rodent control program:

1. In the early stage, the buildings in the high-incidence area of rodents, such as the canteen of the project(rat bait station), set warning labels, set intelligent system point and location labels, number management;Each service will inspect, clean, record the pest monitoring sites (the record form is attached), upload the data in real time, and timely analyze the source of rodent damage and adjust the operation plan if there are traces of rats。

2. The rodent density monitor imported from the UK is regularly used to detect the rodent population density of your unit indoors。The rodent density monitor imported from the UK has infrared night vision function, can work 24 hours a day, and can be conveniently set in any area where rodents are active。In addition to the conventional method of powder tracking, the rodent density monitor is set up in the control area to carefully observe the activity law of cunning rodents and completely remove the rodent pests in the target environment。

3, in the patrol operation,Rat trace checks were performed for all potential invasion pathways of indoor rats,If signs of rodent activity are found,Using non-poisonous bait technology,Around the problem,Or in the place where the mouse must pass (generally on both sides of the doorway of the passage, the corner, the wall root of the aisle, the pipe rack, the ceiling manhole around the sticky trap room with a strong sticky mouse board) or mechanical squirrel cage,Check the capture in time,Clean up in time;(Gathering in the late morning captures the rodents that are present,It will not affect your normal teaching;Analyze the cause of rodent infestation in time and maintain communication with the school,Prevent similar incidents from happening again。

4. Record the structural vulnerabilities that may lead to rat intrusion hazards on site, communicate with you, agree on a blocking plan, and cooperate with you to achieve control effect。In the spring and autumn of the whole year, the outdoor rodent habitat and breeding environment such as various holes and drainage systems in the outer green belt were controlled with chemical drugs to kill the external rodent infestation and reduce the risk of indoor invasion。Indoor pipeline Wells and other hidden parts to see appropriate delivery。


School pest control program

2. School cockroach Solution:

1, check the indoor areas/parts that may breed cockroaches: such as: kitchen equipment, fire equipment, lockers, office cabinets (tables) in the office area。Take comprehensive control measures to effectively deal with the breeding sites of cockroaches found, and clean up the drugs used immediately after the problem is solved to prevent food safety problems;

2. Targeted and small-range residual spraying is carried out on the parts with high risk of cockroaches such as the garbage room of the catering industry to quickly kill cockroaches;

3. Place cockroach bait or cockroach room at the breeding point of treated cockroaches for preventive monitoring;

4. Adopt pest monitoring equipment imported from the UK to effectively monitor the key places of your unit。The pest monitor can penetrate into crevices, pipes, and inside various cabinets to find the habitat of cockroaches and other reptiles, providing favorable conditions for the next step in the work of killing cockroaches and other reptiles。

5, timely follow-up inspection of the breeding point of this place until it is completely removed;

6, regular cockroach population density detection, timely understanding and grasp the control effect of cockroaches;Submit professional and effective cleaning improvement suggestions to the school in writing for the hygienic condition of the site。

School pest control program

Third, school mosquito fly solution:

1, the garbage storage and receiving area, garbage room and other places around the fly easy to stop, for residual spraying treatment;

2, in the mosquito breeding ground outside the building, such as all kinds of water, etc., put mosquito larvae sustained release agent (chemical agent);

3. In the indoor green water body and peripheral landscape water body of the building, the larbate-killing sustained-release agent (biological agent) is placed;

4, the garbage room, sewage treatment, septic tank and other fly attracting and breeding sources around the hidden location of physical fly trapping devices, numbering management;

5. Use smoke fumigation technology for sewers and sewer Wells, and use holidays for treatment;

6. Targeted treatment of external greening breeding sites。Clean up the potential breeding sources (beverage bottles, etc.) in a timely manner (with the cooperation of your cleaning staff)。


School pest control program


Because the school is a special place and a public place, the safety requirements are very high。对此,无锡Pest control company海恒According to the situation of the school site, the principle of prevention first and governance second, namely environmental defense and chemical defense;Make use ofHanlink HanlinkThe unique pest control methods accumulated in the past 10 years achieve efficient management, safe control, and reduce the negative effects and secondary pollution brought by chemical agents。
        Hanlink has many years of experience in providing pest control services to schools and we will regularly monitor, treat and carry out effective pest management。Whether you are a school or an educational institution, Hanlink can accompany you to predict, prevent and control pests, and provide strong health protection for all teachers and students。

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