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Shopping mall is a collection of shopping, leisure, entertainment, tourism, culture in one of the building body or complex,Complex structure,More frequent flow of people and logistics;The main structure is divided into above ground and underground,It is composed of various water system, line system, green system, storage, storefront, parking lot and garbage room,It is easy for pest breeding activities to occur,The presence of harmful organisms directly affects the shopping environment and food safety。


In order to reduce the impact of pests and kill treatments on the environment and customers, Hanling Pest Control will adopt an integrated pest control approach to store pest control objectives:


1, through the current stage of service, to achieve such a purpose:

Create a safe, comfortable and healthy environment for your employees and customers。Reduce the risk of disease spread by vectors and pests。

2. Advanced management:

Use advanced and professional technology to carry out regular inspection/monitoring/control and recommendations to ensure that the environment served is free from pest nuisance and reduce pest invasionOpportunity to reduce the risk of rat damage to strong and weak electrical systems。


3. Safety first:

To provide customers with feasible and effective suggestions on structural rodent and pest prevention, so that customers can greatly reduce the risk of pest invasion in time;At the same time, with a canContinuous improvement of pest programs allows your customers and employees to have a safe and healthy environment。


Hanling Pest control Steps for pest control in shopping malls:

1. The first stage (pest killing stage) : carry out comprehensive killing services for pests, minimize the various hazards of various pests in the existing area, and greatly reduce the density of pests;

2. The second stage (pest control stage) : provide regular pest inspection and emergency follow-up services to ensure effective management and control of pest activities;

3. Stage 3 (Pest management and maintenance) : Provide regular inspection/treatment and emergency follow-up services;A comprehensive pest risk assessment is provided by the Technical Specialist every six months。


Implementation plan of integrated pest control in shopping malls:

First, the mall rodent control program

Key service areas: above the ceiling, strong and weak electric Wells, public areas around toilets and catering shops, high rooms, equipment rooms, etc。

Control and defense of peripheral mice:

Most of the indoor rodents are invaded by different channels on the outside, such as sewers, water and electricity pipelines, holes and so on。Therefore, Hanling Pest Control will inspect the environment around the peripheral buildings, and for the rodent traces (such as rat holes) found, we will put rodent control bait in the hidden green belt suspected places to deal with the risk of rodent damage。


Building structure Prevention:

In the first month of entry, conduct a comprehensive inspection of the control area, and check all holes and crevices that may be invaded and fled by rodents;We will provide written and illustrated advice on easy habitat, rodent storage, cleanliness and hygiene。

Rat control inside buildings:

Conduct an all-round inspection of the indoor environment, find loopholes in the building structure, put forward professional opinions and cooperate with your unit to improve it。In key indoor areas,For example, a sticky rat board or rat poison is placed above the ceiling;Pipe Wells are relatively wet,Deploy rodent control wax blocks (moisture-proof and waterproof);High allocation room and other types of equipment room distribution of sticky trap room,A sticky mouse board is provided inside;Property office distribution of sticky traps, sticky mouse board;Rodent wax blocks are hung in sewers and manholes,Kill norvegicus。


Second, shopping mall cockroach control program

Key service areas: offices, plumbing Wells, toilets, sewers and surrounding areas of catering businesses, etc。Bait and kill: Target the areas/parts in the area that are easy to breed or may breed cockroaches,Such as: distribution box, wall gap, water dispenser, toilet, sink, fire equipment, lockers and other parts,Conduct cockroach drug prevention and control treatment,Drop granules or drop bait (wet spots),Put granules into dry parts,These two drugs are odorless,Put it in a very hidden place,Ensure safety,Do not affect aesthetics,No noise during operation)。


Use cockroach bait

Quick killing: The area with high density of local cockroaches is quickly killed by residual spraying to rapidly reduce the density of cockroaches。In the routine service, we mainly use long-acting and efficient bait for real-time monitoring, with appropriate residual spraying to achieve long-term control of cockroaches, and carry out inspection, maintenance, update and data recording in each routine service。

Environmental control: For the structural or sanitary environment found in the service that causes the breeding of cockroaches, especially the sanitary factors, we will promptly raise it to the customer in the service, and require the customer to improve it in time to change the "preferred" living environment of cockroaches, so as to prevent cockroaches most effectively。


Third, shopping mall mosquito control program

Mosquito mapping and breeding sites treatment:

The types and quantities of all kinds of mosquito breeding places indoors and outdoors are investigated and counted, such as: indoor landscape flower POTS, accumulated water, sewer trenches (open trenches), sewage manholes, rainwater manholes, cable trenches, and all kinds of small water。For some water that cannot be excluded, chemical or biological control means should be adopted to kill the mosquito larvae in it。For example, for some sewage water bodies (such as waterways, sewage ditches, etc.), use mosquito larvae slow release blocks, 1 piece per square meter of water surface, 1 piece per manhole, hung on the water surface to kill mosquito larvae。Check the water in the landscape flower pot tray in the public area regularly, check the external environment where water is found and do effective treatment。


Adult mosquito control:

Spray at the entrance and exit of shopping malls and public toilets where light mosquitoes are easy to inhabit;The shopping mall is a high-end place, minimize the use of chemical drugs, at the entrance and exit of the shopping mall and the parts that are easy for mosquitoes to invade and inhabit, it is recommended to set up physical insect control facilities, such as sticky trap insect lamp, to catch the invading insects in the room。

Environmental control: Environmental control is the most effective way to control and eliminate mosquitoes, including the following:

1, destruction and change of breeding ground, is a comprehensive and thorough transformation of the mosquito survival, reproduction of the environment - "water", which is the root of mosquito control measures。We'll be localDuring the investigation, all abnormal water or water that can be removed will be reported to you in time, with a view to cleaning up as soon as possible to reduce the breeding of mosquitoes。

2, the improvement of protective measures, such as the installation and maintenance of insect-proof door curtains, air curtain machines, window screens, etc。We will put forward professional suggestions for this work, and you will be responsible for its implementation. In daily work,We regularly check the operation of the equipment, any abnormal, timely written report to the customer。


Indoor breeding source control in shopping malls:

Through the control of indoor breeding sources, especially the maintenance of a good indoor health environment, it can avoid the indoor breeding ground of insect pests and produce a breeding environment favored by flying insects (focusing on humid areas).。Indoor landscape potted plants we regularly carry out residual spraying, there is water to put sustained release agent。When such cleaning vulnerabilities are found in our daily services, we will provide timely feedback on the relevant content。

Safe access to the interior:

In each safe passage to the room, regular residual spraying is carried out to reduce the invasion of adult mosquitoes。


4. Fly control:

Key service areas: garbage room (bucket), toilet, public corridor, shopping mall walkway, etc。

Investigation of fly breeding sites: Find fly breeding and breeding sites, and master the types and quantities of various breeding sites in the control area: such as closed garbage bins, fruit boxes, toilets and other fly breeding sites。


Environmental control: Environmental control is the root of fly control measures, it is the main means to eliminate and deal with fly breeding substances, is a key link in fly control work。

1, strengthen environmental governance, remove all accumulation and scattered exposed garbage, waste, and do a good job of cleaning and cleaning work。

2. Do a good job of garbage disposal。Garbage bagging - Closed storage - closed cleaning (daily clear)。

3, do a good job of garbage storage and transportation tools cleaning, garbage bins (garbage cans), garbage dumps, etc., to do basic cleaning, corner cleaning, regular washing, leaving no dirt。



Chemical control:

Residual spraying: Will have a lag effect,Contact insecticide,Such as suspension agent or water emulsion (alternate use,Prevent insect resistance),The active ingredient of insecticide is uniformly attached to the resting surface according to a certain amount by macrospray,When flies crawl or perch on such treated surfaces,Can be exposed to absorbent insecticide poisoning death。Mainly to the surface and surrounding and nearby skin grafting surface, external walls, the outer walls of garbage cans and so on。

Space spraying: In the outdoor environment, use conventional spraying, ultra-low capacity spraying, spraying insecticides in the space, so that flies directly stick to the drug particles and die of poisoning, quickly kill outdoor flies, and reduce fly density in a short time。

Retention treatment: For the key parts of the door (window) and other flies like to stay, the use of contact, lasting effect, slow release of the application for retention treatment, killing the flies staying on the surface of these places。

Physical control method: It is recommended that you install fly killing lights in key indoor places to achieve better auxiliary fly killing effect (fly killing lights must be turned on 24 hours).。

Hanlink Pest Control has many years of experience in providing pest control services to shopping malls. We combine regular, monitoring and treatment with effective management。Hanling bug control can accompany you around to ensure the safety of your items and improve the shopping environment。

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