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       Pests that infestation and harm the banking and financial industry mainly include rodents (such as rats) and reptiles (such as cockroaches).。  

      Professional pest management (PMP) agency Hanling Pest control believes that the breeding of pests in the environment is because the prevention measures of pests are not in place, which leads to the invasion of pests, and the target environment has its habitat, food and water sources, which has the conditions for the breeding of pests。


The harm of pests to the banking and financial industry:

1, rats and other can damage the house, causing direct losses;

2, rats bite wire, can cause wire short circuit caused by fire;

3, rodents grinding teeth, may bite the paper money, causing unnecessary economic losses;

4, cockroaches are also known as computer pests, can bite the line inside the computer to cause computer failure。



How pests get into banks:

1. The external environment moves in;

2, the turnover of goods to carry into;

3, bank employees carry into;

4. Enter through sewers, doors and Windows。



Banking and financial industry pest control program:

First, environmental prevention and control

1. Building pest prevention facilities are complete and intact, doors, Windows and sewers meet pest prevention requirements, and harmful organisms are difficult to enter;
2, as far as possible to reduce the source of harmful organisms, correct storage of food, invasive pests are difficult to breed;

3, perfect cleaning system, internal and external environment clean, garbage removal in time;

4. Properly set and trim gardening and greening plants to avoid attracting harmful organisms;

5. Evaluate lighting Settings to avoid attracting pests;

6, keep the indoor dry, reduce the harmful organisms can use water;

7, maintain environmental health, especially the corner of the environmental health;Store food properly, remove waste on the same day and keep it sealed (e.g., use dustbins with LIDS) to reduce the food chain;Clean up sewage in time;Clean up debris in time to reduce the breeding ground of rats and cockroaches。
8. Unnecessary gaps or holes in doors, Windows, pipes, pipe Wells, ground and walls should be plugged in time。

9, drainage, air conditioning pipes, water and electricity pipes, pipe Wells, etc., should be covered and have protective nets (aperture less than 0.6厘米)。

10, the door or other building facilities invaded by rats should be repaired in time, the door frame is best encrusted with iron (especially the part that has been bitten by rats), or the mouse board is built。
11. Spare rooms should be sorted out or cleaned regularly to prevent them from becoming nesting places for rats。

12, the door should have curtains, wind curtains, active Windows should have screens and other insect prevention facilities。


Second, the banking and financial industry mouse control program

1. On-site investigation:

Senior technicians and experts were dispatched to conduct field surveys to investigate the types of rodents, the extent of infestation, the source of infestation and the channels of infestation, and to comprehensively analyze the root causes of infestation。
2. Develop detailed control plans:

The prevention and control plan includes: technical plan, implementation plan, drug used, prevention and control method in different seasons, emergency treatment process, etc。

3. Integrated rodent control

(1) Early elimination stage:

Mainly for indoor and outdoor key areas to put safe rodenticide bait (second generation anticoagulant),For areas where the use of chemicals is not allowed (food warehouses, etc.),Set up a fixed adhesive trap,On the main passageway for rodents,Set up rat traps,Reduce the population density of rodents in a short period (1-3 months),The density of rats is controlled within the national standard range。


(2) Maintenance stage:

Rats are very fertile,Local rat density was controlled,No necessary maintenance management is performed,The rodent population can recover quickly in a short period of time,It's even worse than it was,At this stage, regular inspection and statistics of rat bait consumption were carried out,As a result of changes in the environment,Causing changes in rat mood,Continuous intensification will be implemented,The rat density will be rapidly reduced within the scope of national regulations。


(3) Consolidation stage:

In this stage, the investigation and improvement of defense facilities are mainly carried out to prevent the invasion of external rodents into the room。

Third, banking and financial cockroach control program

1, strengthen monitoring and investigation, cockroach invasion early detection early removal 。

① Physical control technology:Use sticky cockroach paper and other physical tools to kill cockroaches。


② Chemical control technology

Appropriate use of aerosol directional spray in key areas of cockroach activity (under the premise of ensuring safety) to observe and determine the habitat gaps of cockroaches。Apply cockroach bait and cockroach pellets to gaps in areas where cockroaches are found, and check the effectiveness weekly。


Hanling Pest Control Program for banking and financial industry:

Start with a holistic view of pests and environmental and socio-economic conditions,Adhere to the principle of treating both symptoms and root causes, as well as effective, simple and safe, and environmental protection,Depending on pest control,Adapt to the situation and the place,Comprehensive control measures such as environmental control, chemical control and physical control are adopted,The density of insect pests shall be controlled within the advanced national health standards,In order to achieve the purpose of eliminating disease and reducing harassment。
          Hanlink has many years of experience in providing pest control services to the banking and financial industry,Can help business units to establish a set of strict compliance with norms,And effective pest control management system,Actively help you eliminate pest risks and protect your assets,Create a safe and efficient office environment for you,Improve employee efficiency。

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