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Rodent control

       In China, there are mainly three species: yellow chest mouse, rattus norvegicus and Mus musculus。Domestic mice grow and develop rapidly。Young mice mainly live in the nest for the first two months of life, and then they can follow their mother out of the nest。Early sexual maturity, generally less than 3 months, 3-9 months of age is the most active period in the life of domestic mice, and then the activity gradually weakened, 18 months of age individuals lose the ability to move。The average lifespan of norvegicus and yellow-breasted rats is 6-7 months, rarely exceeding 2 years。Mice have shorter lifespans, with an average lifespan of about 100 days。The reproductive capacity of domestic rodents is very strong, mainly manifested in early sexual maturity, short gestation period, estrus immediately after delivery, reproduction most of the year, and large number of litters。

      norvegicus           Rattus xanthothorax      Mus musculus       

Ensuring effective rat control is critical for established businesses。First, Hanlink takes youLearn about the habits of rats

  • √ Spring and AutumnIt's a rat breeding peak,1对Rats can give birth every year2,000只幼鼠

  • √  Young or house mice can traverse any diameter greater than6毫米Gap of

  • √  The Mouse has a2 pairs grow for lifeThe front teeth, in order to grind teeth will destroy furniture and bite wires

  • √  Rats have their own domain,Moving routeBasically the same。

  • √  老鼠As clever as a dogThe area where the companion is captured or poisoned will no longer move along the same path。

Therefore, mouse control can not be ignored, they will not only affect your corporate image, but also bring great risks to your business。HanLink HanlinkRecognize the importance of rat control to your business and specialize in solving your rat control problems to reduce your operational risks。


Rat signal

  • Mouse droppings appear;

  • Storage and structural damage;

  • Insulation materials, cardboard, etc., were chewed。


The potential hazards of rats

  • Rodents such as mice transmit germs such as salmonella and Weil's disease;

  • Damage to storage and building structures, damage to electrical wiring and, in severe cases, fire;

  • Pollution destroys food and goods。


Commercial hazards caused by rats

  • ◎ Damage reputationDirect reputational damage to customers and employees, particularly in the food processing and manufacturing industry and the catering sector;

  • ◎ Cause damage -Damage goods or equipment in the office or business premises, such as computers, appliances, electrical wiring and plumbing;

  • ◎ Economic loss -Rodent infestation may cause product recalls, contract failures and other problems, affecting the company's reputation and leading to economic losses。

  • ◎ Impact audit -Failure to meet the assessment standards, resulting in suspension of business or fines。


Mouse control Tips

  • Pay attention to the prevention and control of rats in spring and autumn, and effectively reduce rat density;

  • Please plug the leak as soon as possible and keep the gap below 6 mm;

  • Clean up garbage in time to reduce food and water sources;

  • Regularly check whether the goods are damaged, and the items are stacked neatly to avoid hiding by rats;

  • If you see rodent droppings, clean them up and record them。

As a professional pest control company, Hanlink can help you solve the problem of rodent control 

While amateur deratting products are a cost-effective option for low-risk areas, professional rodent control is essential for high-risk areas with large rat populations or recurring rat infestations。

Hanlink. HanlinkProvide free on-site survey service for you to analyze the attraction source, breeding point and rodent infestation level, and confirm the rodent infestation type。

我们Professional technicians will customize efficient and professional rodent control solutions for you according to your requirements。 Our treatment plan also includes the control of potential breeding sites and will advise you on the basis of an integrated pest management approach。

Hanlink. HanlinkWe will provide you with timely, professional and efficient on-site elimination control services。Minimize the harm of all kinds of rat pests in the existing area, and greatly reduce the density of rat pests。

Hanlink. HanlinkEstablish an independent file for each customer, provide targeted after-sales return service, and provide more pest control knowledge according to your needs, to help you stay away from pests。      

Call now027-8831 8858Contact Hanlink。Or you can choose to contact our customer service online to learn the best rodent control program。

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