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Mosquito control
          The mosquito isvectorDifferent species of mosquitoes can transmit different types of diseases。Mosquitoes breed and grow in water to hatch adult mosquitoes, hatching faster in summer, they like high temperatures, often in hidden and dark places to roost, mosquito control needs to be prevented, can not easily neglect mosquito control。

          Hanlink. HanlinkRealize that effective mosquito control can keep you and your customers away from mosquitoes。We provide you with an overall mosquito control program for the growth cycle of mosquitoes, early spring to control the growth of larvae, reduce the outbreak rate of adult insects in summer, and provide a favorable barrier for your health and safety。



Mosquito signal

  • Mosquito bites in the early morning or late afternoon;

  • The bite is itchy with redness and swelling;

  • Mosquitoes emit their characteristic high-decibel buzzing sound when they fly, which interferes with sleep。


The potential hazards of mosquitoes

  • Many species of mosquitoes carry viral diseases, yellow fever, dengue fever, West Nile virus and malaria。


Commercial hazards caused by mosquitoes

  • Health hazards - Infectious diseases seriously harm your health;

  • Reputational damage - loss of customer and employee trust in your business;

  • When employees suffer from mosquitoes, your business takes a hit。


Mosquito Control Tips

  • Timely removal of stagnant water and other potential mosquito breeding sources;

  • Regular pruning and afforestation, timely disposal of waste;

  • Make sure to keep doors and Windows closed at all times and install screen curtains to prevent mosquito invasion

As a professional pest control company, Hanlink can help you solve the problem of mosquito control 

1、Hanlink. HanlinkProvide a free site survey service for you to analyze the attraction sources, breeding sites and pestsMG官方电子平台Grade, confirmMG官方电子平台类型。

我们Professional technicians will customize efficient and professional pest control solutions for you according to your requirements。 Our treatment plan also includes the control of potential breeding sites and will advise you on the basis of an integrated pest management approach。

Hanlink. HanlinkWe will provide you with timely, professional and efficient on-site elimination control services。Minimize the harm of all kinds of rat pests in the existing area, and greatly reduce the density of rat pests。

Hanlink. HanlinkEstablish an independent file for each customer, provide targeted after-sales return service, and provide more pest control knowledge according to your needs, to help you stay away from pests。      

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