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Bedbug control
        Bedbugs are found all over the world。It can pass into the house from furniture or personal items。Whether it is a large house or a cramped shack, bedbugs can infestation you。If we do not take effective bedbug control measures in time, when they invade the house, bedbugs can spread in various areas of the room, and even spread to other locations in the house。Skin bitten by bedbugs may show signs of swelling and itching, and repeated bedbug bites may cause sleep and mental distress。Therefore, effective and safe bedbug control is the key issue that many enterprises pay attention to。


For the detailed investigation, to provide you with the overall bed bug control program, all-round safety control。


Bed Bug Signals:

  • Show signs of biting insects, or be bitten by them;

  • Skin irritation, or continuous small bumps。


The potential harm of bed bugs

  • Lead to the departure of the customer;

  • Endanger the health of customers and employees;

  • Resulting in employee absenteeism and even turnover。


Business hazards caused by bed bugs

  • Reputational damage - endangering the health of customers and employees, affecting the environmental health image of the company;

  • Loss of property - Loss of revenue as a direct result of customer and employee departures。


Bed bug control tips

  • Before check-in, check for the presence of bedbugs, especially cracks, corners, etc.;

  • If you encounter a bedbug problem, please contact a professional pest control provider for assistance to avoid the spread of pests caused by failure to deal with them;

  • If bedbugs are found, put all clothing, quilts, and bedding in a sealed plastic bag and leave it in the room。After the treatment is completed, please wash with hot water above 60℃ under the guidance of the service specialist;

  • Open Windows frequently to reduce carbon dioxide in the house and improve air circulation。

As a professional pest control company, Hanlink can help you solve the problem of bed bug control 

1. HanlinkProvide a free site survey service for you to analyze the attraction sources, breeding sites and pestsMG官方电子平台Grade, confirmMG官方电子平台类型。

我们Professional technicians will customize efficient and professional pest control solutions for you according to your requirements。 Our treatment plan also includes the control of potential breeding sites and will advise you on the basis of an integrated pest management approach。

Hanlink. HanlinkWe will provide you with timely, professional and efficient on-site elimination control services。Minimize the harm of all kinds of rat pests in the existing area, and greatly reduce the density of rat pests。

Hanlink establishes an independent file for each customer, provides targeted after-sales return service, and provides more pest control knowledge according to your needs, to help you stay away from pest problems。      

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