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Hubei Hanling Environmental Technology Co., LTD. (Wuhan Headquarters)
Address: 901# Mars Space Building, No. 366 Huoheng 'an Road, Hongshan District, Wuhan
电话:027-8831 8858
手机:189 7105 6090
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Field service recruitment
Job responsibilities:
1. Keep in touch with customers and do a good job in pest control services。
2. Check the work of subordinate stores, construct according to the company's construction technical standards and procedures, and assist colleagues to deal with major projects。
3, according to the management card or work card list, the customer requested control of pests to implement appropriate management。
4, prepare accurate and practical treatment and comment reports, if necessary, with the customer or its manager to discuss the content。
1.Technical secondary school or above, major in medicine and health, biological plant protection, horticulture and other related fields is preferred;
2.Practical and studious, hard-working, with good communication skills;
3.Good health, with a strong sense of service, responsibility and team spirit, strong adaptability;
4.PCO industry experience and professional qualification certificate is preferred。

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Wuhan Headquarters027-8831 8858

901 Mars Space Building, Hengan Road, Hongshan District, Wuhan

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