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Termite control
Hanlink provides professional termite control solutions to help you stay away from termite infestation

        Hanlink. HanlinkThe first step in providing services is a thorough on-site inspection of the ant infestation site to provide you with a tailor-made termite solution。To achieve the best results, termite control requires experienced, trained technicians with knowledge of biology and pest feeding habits, as well as a good understanding of building structure, soil characteristics and breeding conditions for infestations。

Hanlink. HanlinkTermite control schemeProvide you with a total termite solution如下:

1.汉领HanlinkTermite bait control system

  • Take the advancedTermite growth interference technique

  • It is effective with termite baitAll the way to the termite nest

  • Regular Hanlink Hancollar expertsContinuous monitoringAnd investigate the daily activities of termites

  • Easy system installation,No damage to buildingsExterminate the colony completely

  • Large-scale deployment and monitoring, provided for your buildingLong-term protection


2.汉领HanlinkTermite annual maintenance

  • Be suited toInitial stage of constructionImplement preventive measures orExpiration of efficacyTime reprocessing

  • The focus is on the buildings dealing with ant infestation, more thanBuilding perimeterImplement control

  • Effective and timelySolve and curePotential termite problem

  • 应用Green and environmental protectionPest management, dedicated to protecting yourEnvironmental hygiene

  • External and local internal monitoring,Effectively playChemical barrier作用


3.汉领HanlinkField termite survey

  • Be suited toEarly detection and preventionTo provide customers with termite risk assessment analysis and control measures

  • By professional training汉领HanlinkTermite experts use internationalAdvanced exploration instruments, more efficientMake a thorough investigation

  • Call now027-8831 8858Contact Hanlink。You can also choose to contact our customer service online to learn the best termite control solution。

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