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Effects of fleas on dogs and cats

When we think of fleas, most of us think of dogs and cats。 The flea pet looked miserable and kept scratching。 Do you know why they're so unhappy?这是因为跳蚤正在吮吸它们血液! 是的,旺财和灰灰是食 ..

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Effects of fleas on dogs and cats

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When we think about跳蚤Most of us think of dogs and cats。 The flea pet looked miserable and kept scratching。 

The dog has fleas

  Do you know why they're so unhappy?这是因为跳蚤正在吮吸它们血液! 是的,旺财和灰灰是食物吸血跳蚤。 Fleas are called ectoparasites。 They live on the skin or fur of animals and are called hosts by host organisms。

  Fleas pass through the blood of their host, and skin cells feed on the blood。When fleas bite, they inject saliva into the host。The flea's saliva produces paralysis, which prevents the host from feeling the pain of the bite。Flea bites can be extremely itchy and can cause infection if scratched。 In addition, some fleas can spread serious diseases。

  It is important to be fully aware of fleas。The more you know, the easier it will be to prevent flea damage。 You can protect your pet dog or cat and yourself from these vampires。

  Fleas are insects.。Like all insects, it belongs to the class Insecta。In this classification, fleas belong to the order Siphonaptera.。The name comes from "hollow tube" and "wingless.。 Siphonaptera is divided into seven families。

  Common fleas and rodent fleas are two examples。Each flea family includes many different flea species。All together, there are about 2,000 species of fleas in the world。300 of these species are found in North America。Each flea has a double name, called the scientific name。A scientific name combines the genus name with the species name。For example, the scientific name for the bat flea is Octopus。Some species, like the rabbit flea, prefer to eat only one type of host。Other species are not so picky。For example, cat fleas can be found in cats, dogs, and people!Some animals are not the animals that fleas like。Apes, monkeys and horses are all animals that blood fleas don't like。

So how do you get rid of fleas?

  1. Fleas live on pets,It must be caused by the lack of regular cleaning and deworming of pet cats and dogs at home,So the first step is to target pets,You can take your pet to a pet store for deworming,Or bathe your pet at home (fleas are afraid of water),Pets with long hair,Can be appropriately cut short,Let the fleas have no hiding place。

  2, the home environment needs to be cleaned as a whole to prevent the blanket on the floor from hiding flea eggs, and the whole house can be vacuumed once after cleaning。

  3, the use of drug treatment, first use flea medicine to focus on the dog house, cat MATS, beds, beds, blankets, etc., spray until the surface is slightly wet。(Clothes and sheets can be diluted by adding water to soak,Clean normally after 30 minutes,Effective destruction of larvae and eggs);Secondly, the surface of the bed, bed, pillowcase and other objects in contact with people are not suitable for spraying directly on the pillow sheet,But you can dilute it and soak it in water,Then wash normally after 30 minutes,This can effectively destroy the larvae and eggs attached to the silk fabric。


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