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Ultrasonic mouse repeller in the end is effective?

The following is by Wuhan rodent Control Company Xiaobian to share with you the ultrasonic mouse repeller in the end has no effect, the next is detailed by Xiaobian; 总的来说,对鼠类有效的超声波起码在30KHz(幼鼠求救叫声的频率)以上,而人类 ..

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Ultrasonic mouse repeller in the end is effective?

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The following is byWuhan rodent Control CompanyXiaobian to share with you the ultrasonic mouse repeller in the end has no effect, the next is detailed by Xiaobian;

In general, the effective ultrasonic wave for mice is at least 30KHz (the frequency of the distress call of young mice), and the human hearing limit is below 20KHz, relatively speaking, the hearing limit of young children is closer to this value, and it will gradually decline after adulthood。That is to say, if it is a real ultrasonic mouse repeller, neither the building owner nor the building owner's children can feel it。

The destructive effect of ultrasound on the human body is mainly high energy and high frequency ultrasound, and the energy level of medical B-ultrasound is already safe, and the power of ultrasonic mouse repellent can not be greater than that of B-ultrasound。The frequency of B-ultrasound is generally above 20MHz, and the power is about 300W, and the ultrasonic of this frequency and power may cause certain harm to the fetus if it is exposed for a long time, but a single inspection will not have much impact。

Of course, it is rumored that people will be irritable in ultrasonic environment, but there is no evidence for this argument, and relevant studies tend to do direct contact with high-energy and high-frequency ultrasound (such as B-ultrasound and ultrasonic dental cleaning), and there are few studies on the physiological effects of low-energy and low-frequency ultrasound。

It would be irresponsible of me to say that ultrasonic mouse repellents have no effect;Similarly, I cannot say that ultrasound repels have adverse effects, it would be more irresponsible to say so。All I can say is that based on my high school (and Wikipedia) knowledge of acoustics, I judge that an ultrasonic mouse repeller has no ability to do any harm to the human body, even the human body of a young child。

It is recommended to pay attention to the child's reaction after installation, and you can also ask whether the child feels a special sound about a week after the installation of the rat repellent。In addition, ultrasound has the characteristics of weak penetration and faster energy divergence (compared with ordinary sound waves).,Just place the ultrasonic mouse repellent in a place where your children can't hear you when you normally talk (like in the kitchen),If the kitchen and bedroom are far apart,Or two walls apart,A variety of soundproofing facilities can effectively block ultrasonic waves) can prevent children from being exposed to ultrasound during the longest restful sleep of the day,Subject to some possible influences。

As to whether ultrasonic rat repelling is effective, it is said to be effective。It is true that certain frequencies of sound can cause pain in mice (this also applies to humans, for example, the United States has studied non-lethal weapons based on sound waves, but the frequency of human pain is within the audible range).。Of course, it is not ruled out that the use of a single frequency repeller may make the mouse resistant。When buying, you can ask whether there is a scanning frequency conversion function, this type of can be played in a certain frequency range, and the duration of the dispersion effect may be longer。(Information from Baidu encyclopedia, do not rule out the possibility of product placement, anyway I look like copy and paste from the advertisement。)

Remember, a real ultrasonic device does not have any sound during use。If you can hear continuous weak sharp noise after starting, it indicates that the quality of the equipment is not up to standard。

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